Servicing & Repairs

Noble Heating Services provide a fast, friendly and reliable repair service for a range of gasappliances from boilers and fires to gas cookers, be it natural gas or LPG. We understand how inconvenient an appliance breakdown can be and we endeavour to treat all repair jobs as a top priority and aim to have you up and running as soon as possible.

Regular, annual servicing of gas appliances is important to ensure they are operating efficiently and safely and is a mandatory requirement with most manufacturers warranties. Regular servicing can significantly prolong the life of an appliance, lead to fewer breakdowns and can help to lower gas bills.


A service will typically involve:
  • Checking gas meter operation
  • Visual inspection of the appliance and flue/chimney and removal of debris where necessary
  • Visual inspection of the burner and where necessary cleaning of the heat exchanger
  • Checking and testing operation of gas safety controls
  • Checking gas pressures and gas rates
  • Combustion analysis to confirm the appliance is burning gas correctly

Our service and repair rates are competitive with a stand alone service from £45. Discounts are available when adding multiple appliances on the same visit.

A special note about gas fires

Of particular concern is the low number of people who fail to have their gas fires serviced regularly. Gas fires are often open flued or even flueless and as such when problems arise they can discharge carbon monoxide directly into a room. Carbon monoxide is an undetectable gas which is lethal even in small doses. Something as simple as debris blocking a chimney can cause fatalities.

Keep an eye out for tell tale signs such as sooting and staining of the surrounding surfaces and the physical effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, breathlessness and collapse or loss of consciousness.